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Diagnosing and Alleviating Spinal Pain


Facet joint injections play a pivotal role in both the diagnosis and treatment of pain and inflammation that can afflict the facet joints of the spine, often due to injury or cartilage degeneration.


Understanding Facet Joints


Facet joints are crucial junctures in the spine where adjacent vertebrae meet. These intricate joints bear the weight of the body and enable spinal movement. In their healthy state, facet joints are cushioned by cartilage, ensuring smooth and pain-free articulation. However, when injury or cartilage degeneration affects these joints, individuals may endure muscle spasms, acute back pain, or restrictions in spinal mobility.


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Precision


Facet joint injections are typically conducted on an outpatient basis to assess and address facet joint issues. During the procedure, our skilled anesthesiologists employ live x-ray technology to meticulously guide a needle into the facet joint. Patients experience minimal discomfort, thanks to the administration of local anesthetics at the injection site.


When employed for diagnostic purposes, a local anesthetic is introduced. If this anesthetic successfully alleviates the patient’s pain, it confirms the diagnosis. In some cases, slow-release steroids may also be administered during the procedure to mitigate joint inflammation and furnish lasting pain relief. Periodic follow-up steroid injections, administered every few months, can further bolster patient comfort and well-being.

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