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Empowering Relief for Nerve-Related Pain


Peripheral nerve stimulation is a cutting-edge approach to managing nerve-related pain originating from the peripheral nervous system, which encompasses nerves outside of the brain and spine. This type of pain may arise from various sources, including injuries or repetitive motions such as those associated with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, it can be a consequence of various peripheral nerve disorders, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy and Guillian-Barre syndrome.


Understanding Peripheral Nerve Stimulation


Peripheral nerve stimulation harnesses the power of low-level electrical impulses to intercept and inhibit pain signals transmitted from nerves to the brain. These controlled impulses are delivered through a compact pulse generator, typically positioned in proximity to the affected nerves. Patients have the autonomy to operate this generator externally, using a user-friendly remote control device.


This innovative technique offers a permanent solution for managing pain in various extremities of the body, including the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees. Prior to the placement of permanent electrodes within the body, a trial device is employed for approximately one week to assess its effectiveness for the individual patient.


Positive outcomes in the trial phase pave the way for a straightforward outpatient procedure to insert a long-lasting, battery-operated device. The recovery period is minimal, enabling most patients to swiftly resume their regular activities.

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