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Sacroiliac Joint Injections: Alleviating Chronic Lower Back Pain


Situated at the base of the spine, the sacroiliac joints, or SI joints, mark the convergence of the sacrum and ilium bones. These pivotal joints, one on either side of the pelvis, bear the brunt of the body’s weight and facilitate essential movements. However, complications such as osteoarthritis or injury can lead to persistent lower back discomfort, extending to the buttocks, thighs, and hips, significantly impacting one’s quality of life.


For individuals contending with the unrelenting agony of SI joint disorders, sacroiliac joint injections emerge as an effective avenue for relief. During this minimally invasive procedure, patients are positioned comfortably, often with mild sedation to enhance relaxation. 


After applying a local anesthetic to the skin for pain mitigation, a fine needle is meticulously guided into the affected joint. Within this joint, a carefully administered slow-release steroid medication serves as a powerful agent for initiating pain relief within a mere three to five days.


Benefits of Sacroiliac Joint Injections:


  1. Targeted Pain Relief: Sacroiliac joint injections provide precise and targeted pain relief, directly addressing the source of discomfort. By delivering medication directly to the affected joint, patients often experience rapid and effective relief from their symptoms.

  2. Minimal Disruption: These outpatient procedures are minimally disruptive, typically taking only a few minutes to complete. Most patients enjoy a brief recovery period and can quickly return to their daily routines, including work and other activities, within just 24 hours.

  3. Extended Relief: While individual responses may vary, many patients enjoy sustained relief for several months following the injection. This extended period of pain relief can significantly enhance mobility and overall quality of life for those with SI joint disorders.

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